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the people who live in the Mesara want to encourage a caring, humane approach to animals   

Why Mesara Cares

The people who live in the Mesara want to encourage a caring, humane approach to people, animals  and the environment 

Why feed?

It is natural to want to feed stray cats and dogs when you see them, even if you are only visiting for a short while. However, we ask that tourists do not feed the animals  because when you go home they may not get fed by someone else, especially at the end of the season. Instead, we ask that you tell us about the animal and where it can be found and we will either feed it or ask the local animal shelter to take it if it is starving or injured.
We would prefer to establish feeding stations in safe places cared for by volunteers who can then ensure there is fresh food and water always available and that the feeding stations are kept clean. These are sometimes known as a Cat Café, and they have many benefits for the animals and the community. The feeding stations enable us to monitor the cats and dogs, to ensure they receive veterinary attention when sick or are in need of neutering, and when set up in co-operation with the landowner or hotel, provide a safe feeding area.
If you would like to help us build and install our first Cat Café we could place a plaque with your name on it in recognition of your kind gift. Smaller donations of food or money would help us to keep our feeding programme up and running.

Why poison?

killed101112If you suspect that a dog or a cat has been poisoned, click here .
It is our aim to stamp out poisoning in the villages and, ultimately, in the whole of the Mesara through a programme of education and neutering of strays and pets. Many see poisoning as the only way to control unwanted cats and dogs, but not only is this extremely cruel, it is also against the law . Furthermore, it is indiscriminate – children have been poisoned and, unfortunately, many people's beloved family pets have eaten poison and not been saved in time.
The best way to limit the number of strays to acceptable numbers of healthy and cared for animals is through providing feeding stations and veterinary care, including neutering. Of course, we realise that we will not be able to neuter 100% of the unwanted animals and there will always be a need for cats in the village to keep the vermin at bay.

Why abandon?

abandonedIf a pet is unwanted there are ways to find a home – it is cruel and illegal to abandon a cat or a dog. We can provide help and advice on re-homing unwanted animals. If you find an abandoned animal, please let us know and we will assess the situation.

At the moment, we can only deal with a limited number of animals in the area as the local private shelter is very full and we only have limited resources for feeding. We rely on the kind hearts of our members and local residents to feed unwanted animals, and we hope to develop this until we can afford to finance a proper programme. Please note that we cannot accept animals without prior agreement.


The longer term strategy will require education to be central to our aims and objectives. This will mainly be aimed at the younger generation. We believe that the long term targets will be met by convincing younger people that animals can be companions and pets that are worthy of compassion, care and kindness which will be reflected back to those who care for animals. Compassion will bring its own reward, but first we must create this understanding particularly amongst young people. If this is achieved the future will take CARE of itself where strays and poisoning, etc., is concerned. Hopefully, well trained animals will be welcomed into schools and other organised assemblies to show there is no need for prejudice and fear.
We hope that when you see what we are doing for the animals that your support will continue. Thank you for taking the time to read about the Mesara Cares initative.