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the people who live in the Mesara want to encourage a caring, humane approach to animals   

What we do

Stray Animals

Collected stray animals, taken them to the vet
Asked the Municipality of Festos to comply with the law and collect injured animals.

Artemis Crete Rescue

Given donations for food and medicine
Cleared the land of rubbish
Built kennels


Coordinated Five visits by foreign vets
Collected and returned over 800 animals for sterilisation
Asked the Municipality for premises for vets to sterilise animals


Asked the Municipality to involve local vets in a sterilisation programme

Cat traps

 Purchased 12 cat traps
Cat trap (1)Cat trap (2)

Cat Boxes

 Purchased 30 cat boxes
Cat box (1)Cat box (2)

Dog Boxes

Purchased 3 Travel boxes and a kennel


Prompted the Municipality to include animal welfare in the school curiculum
Prepared and animal welfare presentation for schools
Had a stand at the Matala festival 2013 to promote awareness of the need for Animal Wefare
Held a World Animal Day event involving local children

Turtle Protection

Two members have worked through the summer helping to protect turtles. We gave a donation towards the purchase of equipment
We will always welcome donations of rush beach mats