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the people who live in the Mesara want to encourage a caring, humane approach to animals   


We need volunteers to help with:

Escorting animals on a flight 

Look after a feeding station 

Look after a barrel dog

Foster or adopt a stray

If you think you can do any of these please come along to a meeting 

Taking animals on a flight

We are always in need of a flight escorts, from Heraklion / Crete to Germany, sometimes to Switzerland or Austria. This simply means accompanying an animal on a flight whilst it travels to a new home in a new country. Passengers can `take` 1-3 animals per flight with most airlines, without any extra costs to you. We also need people to take back the boxes, used to transport the animals, from Germany, Switzerland and Austria to Crete. There are no costs involved for you, unless you would like to make a donation by paying for the transport yourself.

To be a pet escort is a valuable service which is very much appreciated.

No costs are involved to those that help us. 

All the arrangements are made by us and you will be met at the airport with the animal to check in and again someone will be waiting to collect the pet on your arrival. Larger animals travel in the hold - they simply need collection at your arrival and taken to our agent who will be waiting at the arrival gate.

Some smaller animals can be carried in the cabin at your feet so are easily transported through the luggage collection to the arrivals gate.

How it works

If you are planning a flight to Crete and are thinking about being a flight escort or helping return a travel box. Then you need to get in touch with us as soon as possible.

We would need your flight details, to register the transport with the airline. Then we have to have confirmation that there are free places on the flight for animal transport. Animals up to 5 kg travel in the cabin, all the others in an air-conditioned compartment of the hold.

On the day of your flight home a carer will bring the animals to the airport, check them in with you and pay the transport costs. The animal will be taken from the airline staff in to the cargo room. The boxes used are designed for safe transportation of the animal.

If it's possible, and you want to, you can take the animal (under 6 kilos) on board into the aircraft cabin. At the hand luggage control they want to check the bag / box with the animal. The carer will accompany you to this point, having checked all is OK the carer will then leave you to go to the gate with the papers and animal and board your flight.

At your destination you will need to collect the animals that have travelled in the cargo hold at the bulky luggage distribution. You then take the animals to the exit, pass through customs, where they will ask to see your papers. After this check someone from the rescue organization will be there to take the animals to their destination.

If you are returning a box from Germany, Switzerland or Austria to Crete. Someone will meet you at the airport and will take the boxes to the centre.


Looking after a feeding station


Look after an animal e.g. Barrel dog