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So far we have participated in nine events and over 2200 sterilisations. Many  cats and dogs from the Messara were sterilised. We would like to thank the vets who do a wonderful job and worked very hard for long hours; We would also like to express our thanks to everyone for their help and support in making the events so successful.

We hope that we can repeat this in the future and learn from our experience. All in all, it was a very good experience and very successful.


There is always a feeling of positive co-operation when arriving at the centre.
There is a feeling of warmth and care towards the animals from the vets, nothing was too much for them. Even during the operations the vets took time to look out for the animals waiting outside.
Because of the openness of the area where the operations were taking place, anyone was able to look and see what was going on and so be confident that their pet was being well cared for.
The greeting when arriving with new animals was so enthusiastic that it gave the catchers the stimulus to go on and get more animals.
A sterilisation action plan based on our experience is in the Library.

Why Spay & Neuter



one unspayed cat has 4 kittens