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the people who live in the Mesara want to encourage a caring, humane approach to animals   


Kamilari Cares is an independent non profit organisation reliant on the generosity of its members, the public and local business to achieve our aims.  There are many ways to help our work -  make a donation, attend one of our events or give your time. Any support will be appreciated:

Make a donation

Become a member

Use the collection boxes

Sponsor us


Make a donation

We hope to offer additional ways to make a donation shortly. We are currently limited to collecting donations through the collection boxes or at meetings and events.

Become a member

The annual membership fee is 5 Euro

Collection Boxes

We have placed collection boxes around the area in shops, tavernas, and kafenions. You will also find them in shops in the local area.

Collection Box

You will find collection boxes at the followinglocations:

DreamWorld Petshops in Mires & Timbaki

Ousari - Kamilari

Kipos - Kamilari

Ilios - Agios Iannis

Pharmacy - Vori

Cafeneo (next to the cemetary) Kamilari

Vet - Mires

 Acropolys Taverna - Kamilari

 Justin's Caffe - Kalamaki

Agro shop

Kalamaki Motors

Kilari taverna Kamilari

Despina's office - Mires

Botano - Kouses

Sponsor us

Many local businesses sponsor our work. Including:

Pet Shop
                                      - Dreamworld Kostas NeonakisPet shop - Dreamworld in Mires and Timbaki

Kostas Neonakis has generously supported us making donating. In addition Kostas has made a gift of many items to give as prizes at fund raising events. We encourage our supporters to shop at Dreamworld.



Kipos Taverna KamilariKipos

Sue, Manos, Andonia and Marios are great supporters.

We have held a very successful coffee morning at the Kipos and the whole family were generous with their time. Sue & Manos keeping everyone supplied with refreshments, Andonia baked a cake and Marios welcomed visitores at the gate.

In addition to good food and entertainment. You will find a bookcase where for a small donation you can pick up Italian, French, Dutch, German and English books.


Botano KousesBotano - Kouses

Yanis was a founding member of Kamilari Cares and is generous with his support