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the people who live in the Mesara want to encourage a caring, humane approach to animals   


Next Meeting



Sunday April 29th 2018 - Brunch at 10:00 in Kamilari Kipos

Brunch April 29th 2018 Kamilari Kipos

Sunday July 9th At 10:00 in Kamilari Kipos


Sunday April 23rd 2017  At 10:00 in Kamilari Kipos


Brunch Sunday April 5th 2015- at Kipos Taverna Kamilari
Brunch Sunday November 9th - At Kipos Taverna in Kamilari
Coffee Morning Sunday June 15th - At Jastin Cafe in Kalamaki 
International Day for Strays Coffeee Morning - Sunday April 27th
World Spay Day - Tuesday February 25th
World Animal Day 4th October 2013
Coffee Morning 8/9/2013
Matala beach festival 2013


Coffee Morning 15/6/2014


We still have a lot to do in our area!!


Please join us at our fundraising event at


Jastins Café


Kalamaki Boulevard


Sunday 15 June


from 10.00 till 14.00 h


Coffee, tea or softdrink and cake 3 €


Prize draw: 1 ticket 1 € or 10 for 5 €


Books and other items for sale.


All benefits will go to the stray animals:


for neutering, medical attention, food, etc.

Coffe Morning 27/4/2014

We had avery successful coffee morning at the Kipos Taverna to mark the International day of the Stray. 60 people attended.

Marios keeps an eye on the

 Marios keeps an eye on the entrance and collects ticket money.

Yvonne keeps everyone

Yvonne looked after the information stand

Eva and Enio sold their
                                      jewellery Eva and Enio sold their jewellery

 Gioannis sweetened the mix
                                      with Honey and Bee products

 Gioannis sweetened the mix with Honey and Bee products

 Vasilis with Mesto olive

 Vasilis with Mesto olive oil


Coffee Morning 8/9/2013

A successful coffee morning was held at the Kipos Taverna Kamilari on September 8th 2013 from 10am to 2pm. We had cakes, books and other items to buy. Thank you to everyone who attended. You can read more here

 Kipos Coffee Morning