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Caring for stray animals

 The municipality has a legal responsibility to take care of injured animals and establish a refuge.

Caring for your pet

Being a good dog owner

Dogs can be many different things to many different people. A dog can be a faithful companion, a loyal playmate, kept for the purpose of security, a blind person’s guide, or a child's best friend. Perhaps, the bond between owners and their dogs is the most satisfying reason for keeping them. Dog owners can derive great satisfaction and joy from the relationships they have with their dogs. Having a pet dog can bring you a lifetime of fun and happy memories.  

While keeping dogs is beneficial to the owner in many ways, dog ownership brings with it certain obligations and responsibilities – both to the dog  and to the community. Responsible pet ownership means knowing your pet’s needs and looking after its well-being. It also means keeping your pet under control and not letting it dirty or disturb the neighbourhood. More importantly, responsible pet ownership means  ensuring that you provide your pet with a lifelong home. This means not getting rid of the pet when the animal is old or sick, you are going away on holiday or when you tire of it.   

Pet owners must be aware of their responsibilities towards their pets and make the effort to meet these responsibilities. The decision to keep a pet should never be taken lightly, and pets should never be abandoned as an easy way out from the responsibilities of owning the pets.

Here’s some guidelines and advice that will make you a great dog owner!

Before you get a dog – be prepared!

If you are going to buy a pedigree dog, only go to a reputable breeder. Never buy from shops or through newspaper adverts where many breeds are listed, as this could mean that the puppy is from a puppy farm. Make sure that you see all paperwork when you visit the puppy. If you are thinking of rehoming a rescued dog, talk to the kennel staff about the dogs they have. They should ask you about your home and lifestyle, to help them match you to your ideal dog.

Owning a dog is a long-term commitment and expense – dogs can live for up to 15 years or more! Costs to consider include: food, toys, collar and lead, vet bills, insurance, training classes – and that’s just to start with! Dogs also need your time and attention; some breeds will need much more mental stimulation and exercise than others or they may become destructive.

Being a responsible dog owner

As a dog owner, your main responsibility is to provide your dog with everything he needs in a caring and loving home.

Housing, food & water

Your dog should have a balanced diet, which is very easy to give him as most dog foods are designed to supply the health needs of most dogs. Make sure he always has access to fresh water, and give him chews and toys to occupy him.
Your dog should be kept in a protected and safe environment – this can be inside your house or in a dog house kept in your garden. A dog also wants to be protected from nature’s elements. Chaining a dog for life is not acceptable.

Love & care

Dogs need attention, companionship, love and plenty of time for training, play and exercise - or they may become very unhappy and unmanageable.
Make sure your dog is not left alone all day, as he may get bored, bark loudly or become destructive. If you need to leave him alone for a while, make sure someone he knows is able to call in on him.

Walking and cleaning up

Regular exercise is essential for your dog’s health (and yours!). You must be prepared to give your dog two walks a day and spend time playing with him as well.
Your dog must be kept under control at all times in public places. Dogs must also be kept on a lead on any designated road.
Your dog needs to be safe and well behaved with people and other animals. Ask for advice from your vet or animal welfare groups about training classes or books to help you raise a polite pooch!
Bag it and bin it! It is inconsiderate to others and unhygienic  to let your dog foul in a public place and not clear it up – always carry a poop-scoop or plastic bag so that you can clean up after your dog.

Neutering and Microchipping

Neutering is the most responsible and safest thing to do to prevent unwanted pups being born – pups are quite a handful and often difficult to find homes for (even the Pedigree puppies!). Neutering is a humane way to reduce the stray dog population, preventing thousands of unwanted puppies being born each year, that may be cruelly abandoned or needlessly destroyed. Neutering also brings health, and in some cases, behavioural benefits to your dog. For further information about the benefits of neutering talk to your vet or the Cretan Animal Welfare Group.
Microchipping  provides the security of knowing that if  your dog goes missing, the chances of being reunited with him will significantly increase. Whilst every owner should ensure that their dog is wearing a collar and tag (with the name and address of the owner on it), these can easily be lost or can be removed if a dog is stolen.  A microchip is permanent.

Healthcare, grooming and medication

Knowing that you have a healthy dog should be a reassurance that your family is also not at risk.
Vet care is essential for your dog, including vaccinations, worming and flea treatments, grooming, and checking their teeth, ears and nails on a regular basis for any potential problems.
Your pet dog should have at least once per year a check up at the vet and it should at least have a rabies vaccination.

Protection of Animals. It is an offence to abuse or ill treat any animal, or to allow any unnecessary suffering to be caused to them. It is also an offence to be involved in any form of dog fighting including recordings of a fight.

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