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the people who live in the Mesara want to encourage a caring, humane approach to animals   

About us

Elected officers 

Tamara Aid-Pavlidis - Chairman

Fran Newland - Vice Chairman

Maria Zacharioudaki - Secretary

Michalis Christoforakis - Tresurer

Ioannis Giannoutsos

Legal status

A registered Non Profit Organisation No: 18/2013


The records of public meetings, the committee and the financial reoport are available to members here.




We are members of:

Panhellenic Coordination Committee of Animals Welfare Societies


Who we are

Kamilari Cares has been set up by concerned people in an attempt to combat the ill treatment of animals, support public and private animal shelters.

 We are a legally constituted Non Profit Organisation.


  1. We will be a Non Profit Organisation
  2. We will be known as Kamilari Cares Animal Welfare Non Profit Organisation
The purpose of the association is through joint efforts of the members to develop activities aimed at:
  1. Develop sensitivity within society for the rights of animals, domestic and wild, and raise awareness in the wider society of respect for the natural environment and the practical expression of culture and humanity for the protection of defenceless animals.
  2.  Organize forms of protection for stray and wild animals, and those animals in need of care and protection, regardless of their possession by people, and providing protection for stray animals from killing, torture, exploitation and generally abuse.
  3.  Maintain and develop the ties of friendship, camaraderie and solidarity among its members.
  4. Promote cooperation and solidarity between local government, schools, universities, other associations and organizations in Greece and abroad who seek the same purposes, and have similar goals and objectives. To protect the natural environment and in particular the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity with emphasis on indigenous breeds of domestic animals.
  5.  Promote the emergence of the social idea of volunteering.
  6.  Educating and enlightening the public on caring for animals and environmental protection, through lectures, publications, studies and other lawful and appropriate means, intended to lead to a society where animals will exist in harmonious coexistence with humans.
  7.  Try to provide appropriate accommodation and general facilities for housing, treatment and feeding of stray animals until they find a home
  8.  Prevent the euthanasia of animals. Except where the animal is suffering and always after seeking advice from a veterinarian.
  9. Prevent  animal experimentation or any other use that could endanger the life, health or cause suffering in any way.
  10.  Establish a veterinary practice for the care of stray animals and to provide services to members of the Association.
  11.  Establish a shelter for stray animals.